Will I Void My Warranty if I Don’t Go to the Dealer?

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Many vehicle owners worry that they must go to a dealer’s service department if their automobile is under warranty. This isn’t the case, unless you bought a service package alongside the warranty. Service packages are for work that will be performed at the dealer, but if you only have a warranty, you can save some money by bringing your car, truck or SUV into Kirk’s Auto Care for scheduled maintenance.

Read the Warranty

If you read your warranty, even the fine print, you should not see a requirement as to where scheduled maintenance must be performed. The dealerships can’t demand you bring your vehicle into their shop. All they can demand is the maintenance required to keep the warranty valid. Anything more should raise a question in your mind and cause you to rethink your automobile’s warranty.

Qualified Mechanics

The warranty should only require all work to be performed by certified technicians, but that part is understandable. Yes, you probably do know how to change your own oil, but certified mechanics know how to look for additional concerns during the lube, oil and filter. They have been trained to change the oil in your vehicle, which helps guarantee that the warranty might never be needed.

That Seems Wrong

Yes, that does seem wrong, but let’s not candy-coat things. The warranty issuer never wants you to use it and it will find ways to void the warranty the minute you file a claim. As such, it won’t allow vehicle owners to perform the maintenance themselves. Work performed by certified shops is guaranteed by that shop for a short period of time, which also warranties the warranty, if you will.

What Do You Mean?

What we mean by that is if the scheduled maintenance isn’t performed correctly, you would bring your vehicle back to the shop so the mechanics can fix their mistakes. This, too, protects the warranty issuer. If all preventative maintenance is performed as it should be or fixed when it isn’t, the vehicle will likely run perfectly far beyond the duration of the warranty, which means you’ll never file a claim.

Can Kirk’s Auto Care Perform Work?

Yes, we can perform the scheduled maintenance most warranties require, and we will document each service visit to ensure you have the proper paperwork in the event you do need to file a claim against the warranty. We understand how warranties work; we’ve worked with them throughout our 20-plus years in business. We know what you need to keep your warranty valid.

If you need required scheduled maintenance performed on your vehicle to keep your warranty valid, call Kirk’s Auto Care at 734-402-8722. We are located in Livonia, MI, and we’d be happy to help.

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