What Fluid Is Leaking From My Car?

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You never want to back out of your garage and see fluid on the floor. In some cases, the fluid leak could be serious and driving your vehicle will cause further damage. Kirk’s Auto Care is here to help you isolate the leak and fix it, but you might not know if it’s safe to drive your vehicle to our shop. Automobile fluid is colored to help determine what it is. We’re going to help you identify the fluid on your garage floor.

Reddish Colors

Grab a white paper towel and dab some fluid off the garage floor. If it looks red, it is either your vehicle’s power steering fluid or transmission oil. If the fluid is orange, it could indicate your radiator is rusting. Transmission fluid that is old and/or dirty can also be orange. If the fluid looks more pink than red, this, too, could be leaking power steering or transmission fluid.

Yellows and Browns

Yellow fluid is most likely coolant that has either leaked or been forced out of your radiator. If your automobile is running hotter than normal, the fluid might be pushed out. Light brown fluid could indicate gear lubricant is leaking from your car or new motor oil is escaping somehow. Dark brown fluid is old motor oil or brake fluid. Vehicles with low brake fluid are harder to stop.

Greens and Blues

Your antifreeze can be green instead of yellow and you might have a leak if your clamps, hoses, fittings or water pump are loose or have holes in them. If there is blue fluid on the paper towel you can breathe easy. It’s most likely windshield wiper fluid so you can drive your vehicle to a nearby shop for an inspection. It’s unusual for the tubes and reservoir to spring a leak but it’s not unheard of.

Preventing Leaks

Prevention is the best medicine when it comes leaking fluid which is why your vehicle’s manufacturer sets a maintenance schedule. Not only does preventative maintenance include checking fluid levels; it also suggests that certified auto technicians check hoses, seals and reservoirs for leaks. If a hose, for example, is showing signs of wear during the maintenance visit, it can be replaced to prevent leaking.

Kirk’s Auto Care in Livonia, MI, is staffed with certified auto technicians who know automobile maintenance like the backs of their hands. Stop by our shop on Plymouth Road or call today at 734-402-8722 if you see a leak on your garage floor.

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