Ways to Make Your Daily Commute More Fun

Nobody likes to sit in traffic. Nobody. Part of the Monday-through-Friday daily grind includes commuting to and from work for many people. This can get frustrating and even depressing. It’s time to turn that frown upside down and make your commute a time in your day that you actually look forward to. How can you do that? Kirk’s Auto Care has a handful of suggestions to make your daily commute more fun.


“Sing! Sing a song! Sing it loud! Sing it strong!” Now that we’ve put that tune in your head, why not? It doesn’t matter what music you like to listen to, join in. Who cares if the drivers around you are staring? If you love classical music, crank it up and conduct the orchestra. Play air guitar to your favorite metal tune. Sing about your broken heart with your favorite country artist, or get jiggy with your favorite rapper. Go for it! You’re a rock star!

Learn a New Language

You can also learn a new language while you’re stuck in traffic and if you’ve just booked you and your spouse’s dream trip to France, it’s time to learn a few phrases. Gone are the days of language tapes, although if you’re old-fashioned and prefer that medium, knock yourself out. Learn French, or any other language you’d like to master, with a language-learning app on your phone. Don’t use an app that requires your visual attention. Rather, choose one that teaches you phrases that you speak aloud.


Do you ever wish you had more me-time? We all do, don’t we? Well, it might seem strange but your daily automotive grind can become your me-time. Because you’re in the car by yourself – if you don’t carpool that is – you have the time to think, reflect, and even laugh. Dictate a journal entry hands-free into your mobile phone or tablet. Listen to a comedian if you’ve had a really bad day. Mull over and resolve a problem that’s been nagging you. Make your time alone in the car time for yourself.

Enjoy a Yummy Snack

Finally, make your commute a little more pleasant by enjoying something yummy. This could be your favorite coffee beverage, tea latte, or snack. Be careful of things that might affect your mood, such as caffeine, sugar, and fat. If you do want that mocha-creamy-sweet-coffee-frou-frou-drink, order a sugar-free, decaf one to help keep your mood stabilized. If the traffic is already getting you down, you might find your anger rising even more if you load up on caffeine and sugar.

As an aside, nothing can make your commute more miserable than breaking down on your way to work or home so call Kirk’s Auto Care in Livonia, MI for all of your vehicle maintenance needs.

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Photo by Juanmonino from Getty Images via Canva Pro