Today’s Diesel Vehicles Come With a Ton of Advantages

We’re pretty flexible here at Kirk’s Auto Care. We work on gasoline and diesel-powered engines alongside hybrid vehicles. Diesel engines have received a bad rap over the years, but today’s diesel is much different from the black-exhaust monsters of yesteryear. In fact, new diesel technology has made these vehicles hot on the automotive market because they give their drivers plenty of advantages. Here’s what those advantages are in case you are considering purchasing a diesel automobile.

Advantages of Diesel Vehicles

Fuel Economy

Would you believe that today’s diesel engines get just as good gas mileage as many hybrid vehicles do? Well, it’s true. Diesel fuel is one of the most energy-efficient fuels in the automotive industry. This fuel has a high energy density rating, which means it generates more power per gallon. What this means for you is fewer trips to the service station. If you fill up a gas tank and a diesel tank with the same amount of fuel, you’ll get more miles out of the diesel tank than you will the gas tank.

Cost Savings

This, of course, translates into cost savings for you. When you take into account that a diesel engine can give you as much as a 30-percent reduction on your vehicle’s fuel economy, you can’t go wrong, especially if diesel fuel is cheaper per gallon in your area, which it can be. Imagine reducing your monthly budget on fuel and having that money to spend elsewhere. Diesel engines also don’t need ignition tune-ups, so you save money on this preventative maintenance service, as well.


Do you want to know why big rigs are always powered by diesel engines? This is because these engines produce more power – torque – than gasoline engines. They can get a vehicle going from a dead stop quicker than a gasoline engine can, even an 80,000-pound semi-truck. Better yet, you still get the boost in your vehicle’s fuel economy even if you drive a diesel work truck to haul things. These engines produce more power with less fuel.


It takes a lot of heat and compression to produce such power without burning through fuel, and diesel engines are built to stand up to the task. These engines last longer than gasoline engines do because they are built to withstand extreme heat and excessive compression. You’ll get more miles out of your diesel car or truck. You might even break the record held by Mercedes-Benz, which is 900,000 miles. Seriously. The engine lasted that long.

Reap the Advantages of Diesel With Diesel Maintenance From Kirk’s Auto Care

The biggest advantage of a diesel engine is you don’t have to change mechanics. We here at Kirk’s Auto Care maintain and repair diesel engines, and we have auto service shops conveniently located in Livonia, MI, and Farmington Hills, MI.

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