Timing Belt Replacement Reasons

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The timing belt is an extremely important part of the engine. If the belt fails, your engine will also fail and your car will shut down. If it breaks when you’re at a high speed, it could cause a serious safety issue for yourself, your passengers, and other drivers on the road. If you’re not sure about when or why you should have your timing belt replaced, read on to learn how it works and when you should consider getting a replacement.

Timing Belt Basics

Timing belts are made of thick rubber and work with most internal combustion engines. They are responsible for creating a synchronized movement between the engine’s various functions. This belt also controls the rotation of your camshaft, crankshaft, and the opening and closing of several valves. These valves allow air and gas in and out, helping to ignite your vehicle’s combustion chamber and make it move. When this combustion happens, valves push the pistons down, creating a precise movement of parts that allows your engine to function properly. If your timing belt breaks or is worn down, it can cause serious damage to the internal components of your engine.

When You Should Replace the Timing Belt

In almost every instance, there’s little to no clear sign that your timing belt is in distress. For most people, the belt just simply breaks. Because of this, most car owners should have their timing belt replaced around every 60,000 to 100,00 miles. You can also refer to your car’s owner’s manual for specific recommendations that pertain to your vehicle. Since this belt is not something most drivers pay close attention to, a broken timing belt is often a common occurrence. One way you can prevent this is to have an inspection of your timing belt performed every time you bring your car in for other preventive maintenance.

When it comes to cost, the general replacement price for a timing belt can range between around $500 to $900. This applies to situations where you notice the belt should be replaced before more damage has been done. In other instances, a replacement timing belt could cost you approximately $2,000 or more since a broken one can cause serious damage to your valves, pistons, and even your water pump. Checking it regularly will save you time, money, and your safety when you’re on the road.

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