The Importance of Fleet Maintenance Cannot Be Overstated

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Kirk’s Auto Care is a full-service auto shop that also works on fleet vehicles. We cannot stress enough how important fleet maintenance is to your fleet of vehicles. Keeping these vehicles in top working order not only benefits you and your drivers but also helps improve your bottom line. We understand how important the bottom line is to your boss, and we work tirelessly to help you keep it in the black. Let’s talk about why fleet maintenance is so important below and how we can help.

Repairs Are More Than Expensive

Perhaps the most important reason why you should keep your fleet vehicles maintained is to avoid the need of getting them repaired. Well, actually, the most important reason why you should keep your fleet vehicles maintained is to keep them safe, but let’s talk about auto repairs for a moment.

Simply put, preventative maintenance prevents the need for vehicle repairs. Vehicle repairs are not only expensive but they also take the fleet vehicle out of service, which means you lose its profitability while it is being repaired. This is the reason why repairs are more than just an expense.

Maintaining your fleet of vehicles helps prevent the need for repairs. Preventative maintenance allows us to see a problem before it becomes a huge issue. For example, we can replace the brake pads before they wear down and ruin the rotors. This is just one example of the benefits of preventative maintenance.

You Need Reliable Vehicles

Preventative maintenance also keeps your fleet vehicles reliable and, more importantly, safe. Your drivers depend on the vehicles every day. They cannot afford to break down in the middle of their routes. Moreover, they cannot afford to get into an accident because the vehicle is unsafe.

Neglecting brake maintenance alone creates a dangerous situation where a driver may not be able to stop his or her fleet vehicle. Should the driver get into an accident, you will be left with the damages, both mechanical and financial.

What’s worse, people may be injured in the accident and you may be faced with their medical bills and a lawsuit. This situation can put you out of business, especially if it’s determined that your fleet vehicle cause the accident because it wasn’t maintained.

This, alone, stresses the importance of fleet maintenance. Kirk’s Auto Care in Farmington Hills or Livonia, MI, can keep your fleet of vehicles maintained so they are safe and reliable at all times. Call us today to discuss your fleet maintenance needs.

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