Signs My Fuel Injectors Are Clogged and Causing Problems

Clogged fuel injectors can cause all sorts of problems with your automobile. One reason why is that the clogged injectors have created an imbalance in the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. A lean fuel mixture means there is too little fuel; a rich fuel mixture means there’s too little air. Kirk’s Auto Care advises that either of these things can be caused by clogged or leaking fuel injectors. Here are signs your injectors are clogged or leaking.

Emissions Test Failure

If there is too much air in the combustion chamber because the fuel injectors are clogged, your car’s engine control unit will send more gasoline in. If these injectors are leaking, this, too, will increase the gasoline. Either way, excess gas creates excess carbon in your vehicle’s exhaust and it will fail an emissions test.

Engine Performance Problems

A lean fuel mixture will make your engine hiccup and sputter; a rich fuel mixture will cause your engine to surge and buck. Either of these things can be caused by clogged or leaking fuel injectors, respectively. Addressing the fuel injector problem will restore your engine’s performance.

Excess Exhaust

If the fuel injectors are leaking or the engine control unit has sent too much gas into the combustion chamber, your vehicle will release more exhaust than normal. When the engine is burning too much fuel, the exhaust smoke color will be black.

Hard Starts

Clogged injectors can prevent your vehicle from starting. This is because there is no gasoline making its way into the engine. The fuel injectors are responsible for spraying the gasoline directly into the cylinders or into an intake manifold. If they are clogged, they cannot spray the fuel where it needs to go.

Increased Fuel Consumption

If your fuel injectors are leaking, you will notice that you are heading to the service station more often. Clogged fuel injectors can also cause this problem because the engine must work harder to meet your power demands. Any time the engine works too hard, it burns through more fuel.

Reduced RPMs

Clogged fuel injectors can also reduce the number of RPMs your engine can generate. You will notice that your tachometer needle is lower than normal when this is happening. This is a sign that your engine is not getting enough gasoline or diesel fuel.

Rough Idling

Finally, if your engine is not getting enough gasoline or diesel fuel, it will idle more roughly than normal. It could be because the fuel injectors are clogged, or it could be that you have a problem with the fuel pump or clogged fuel lines. A clogged fuel filter will also cause the engine to idle roughly.

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Photo by Mikhail Dmitriev from Getty Images via Canva Pro