Ring in the New Year By Taking Better Care of Your Car

Happy New Year from Kirk’s Auto Care! A new year means a new you, and that can include taking better care of your car. Even if you already worship the road your car drives on, there are still things you can do to extend its life and ensure its safety and reliability. Now is the time to make resolutions, not only for you but also for your automobile. Ring in the new year by resolving to do the following that extends your automobile’s life and keeps you safer on the road.

Resolve to Avoid Hazardous Driving Conditions

Sometimes you cannot avoid hazardous driving conditions. If there’s a pothole in the middle of the road, you can’t exactly get out of your car and fill it. This being said, with today’s GPS systems alerting drivers of hazardous conditions ahead, you can avoid things such as automobile accidents, inclement weather, and road construction. You can also resolve to treat the hazards you can’t avoid, such as the pothole mentioned above, by driving over or around road hazards as cautiously as possible.

Resolve to Break Your Aggressive Driving Habits

Aggressive driving is a prevalent cause of automobile accidents. The number one cause is distracted driving, and you should resolve to reduce the distractions in your automobile. Turn off your cell phone and avoid other distractions such as eating while driving or arguing with your teenager in the backseat. Slow down and resolve to be less aggressive when you’re behind the wheel, as well. Speeding, tailgating, weaving through lanes, and road rage are not only dangerous but also hard on your car.

Resolve to Stop Driving on Fumes

Driving on fumes causes long-term damage to your automobile. Not only does it overheat the fuel pump, which relies on gasoline flowing through it to keep it cool, but it also introduces sediment into your engine that can cause serious damage. The less fuel the pump has to draw out of the tank, the more air in the air and fuel mixture. This can cause engine performance issues, detonation problems, and even backfiring. Resolve to keep at least a quarter-tank of gas in your tank all year long.

Resolve to Have Your Vehicle Serviced When it Needs It

Finally, resolve to put your vehicle’s service needs further up on your to-do list. Check the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual, and make sure that you have had all services done that were required thus far. Schedule the remaining services due throughout the year to ensure that your vehicle runs as efficiently as possible. This saves you money and helps you get more money out of your automobile.

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