Rebuilding Your Engine Is the Only Way to Fix These Problems

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Nobody wants to face an engine rebuild. This is an extensive and expensive vehicle repair. Unfortunately, there are times when the engine damage is so bad, rebuilding it is the only to repair it. Preventative maintenance and immediate action when something seems wrong is the best way to avoid the problems listed below. Kirk’s Auto Care can help you with that. We can also let you know when the damage is bad enough to warrant an engine rebuild.

Combustion Problems

Combustion becomes a problem when the combustion chamber gets too hot, which can happen when there is something wrong. The problem could lie within the air and fuel mixture mixed in the carburetor and sprayed into the combustion chamber by the fuel injectors. It could also be an issue with the spark plugs and how they ignite that mixture. Knocking sounds generally indicate something is going on in the combustion chamber that shouldn’t be, and if the heat inside the chamber is hot enough, it can damage internal combustion parts. Too much heat can also blow the head gasket.

Engine Rebuild For Lubrication Problems

Your engine must have adequate lubrication at all times to prevent total engine failure. This is why motor oil is the automotive fluid you change most often. If you could see inside your vehicle’s engine while it was running, you would see hundreds of moving parts working together to propel your automobile. These parts must be lubricated properly to prevent them from overheating and breaking down. Motor oil can lose its viscosity, it’s ability to lubricate the parts, after 3,000 miles. Once the oil has lost its effectiveness, the damage to the engine parts begins.

Hot Engine

Finally, many things can overheat your automobile’s engine, including the combustion and lubrication problems discussed above. If you have cooling system problems, this, too, will cause serious engine damage. Automobile engines are designed to withstand heat up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above that can seriously damage the automobile. Constant overheating will decimate the cooling system and could crack the exhaust manifold and, as mentioned above, blow the head gasket. Once any of these parts are destroyed, you are likely looking at an engine rebuild to fix them.

Avoid an Engine Rebuild With Engine Maintenance at Kirk’s Auto Care

Don’t push your vehicle to this type of extensive damage. Let Kirk’s Auto Care in Livonia, MI, help you with preventative maintenance and automotive repair services to keep your vehicle in like-new condition. You can set up an appointment by calling us today.

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