My Check Engine Light Keeps Coming On! How Do I Reset It?

You’ll find all kinds of hacks online on how to reset your check engine light, but we here at Kirk’s Auto Care cannot stress this enough: Don’t do it! We don’t mean to sound bossy, but resetting your check engine light without finding out why it turned on in the first place can seriously damage your automobile, and we don’t want that to happen. Stop by our shop and we’ll run a diagnostic check to find out why your check engine warning keeps coming on. In the meantime, consider this as well before you reset the light yourself.

Reasons Why Check Engine Lights Warn You of Trouble

Your check engine light comes on for a variety of reasons, most of which can really cause damage to your engine if you don’t have the issues addressed. Some people think that the check engine light comes on for no reason at all, and there have been times when the light shorts. Studies show, however, that the check engine light is rarely wrong, and yours may be shining because

  • You have a serious electrical problem such as a short or high voltage
  • Your exhaust system or catalytic converter is malfunctioning
  • You have an exhaust system leak or a vacuum pressure leak
  • Your mass airflow sensor or oxygen sensor is failing
  • Your air-to-fuel ratio has too much air or fuel in it
  • You have a problem with the spark plugs and their firing
  • Your transmission is going bad or malfunctioning

This is why we discourage you from resetting your check engine warning yourself. These problems are serious, and ignoring them can wreak havoc on your engine or transmission. Heed the warning and head to an auto service shop for a diagnostic on the check engine light. Better safe than sorry.

Times When it Isn’t a Concern

One thing that will turn on the check engine light is your gas cap. If your check engine warning keeps coming on after you’ve filled your tank with gasoline, it could be that the gas cap is no longer sealing properly. When your gas cap cannot create a seal over the gas tank, you lose fuel to evaporation. This is the only time that the check engine light alerts you of a problem that isn’t serious.

Kirk’s Auto Care strives to be the best auto repair shop in Livonia, MI, and Farmington Hills, MI. We can find out why your check engine light is on quickly and repair the problem quickly, as well.

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