My Car’s Engine Sounds Like a Vacuum Cleaner

If your car’s engine suddenly sounds like a vacuum cleaner, you have a serious vacuum leak. All vehicles have combustion engines, and producing combustion creates vacuum pressure. This pressure is routed throughout your engine so that it can power components such as the power steering pump. If one of the vacuum hoses starts to leak, you may hear this leak and also experience the engine problems listed below. Don’t worry. Kirk’s Auto Care can help.

Acceleration Lag

As the vacuum hose leaks the vacuum pressure, your engine begins to fill with air. This will make it more difficult to accelerate. You will press down on your vehicle’s accelerator, but the response will be a lagging one. This is because there is too much air in the combustion chamber. This causes an imbalance that makes it more difficult for your automobile to pick up speed.

Engine Lag

The same thing happens to your engine. You may notice that it begins to lag and stutter the faster you drive. Again, this is because there’s too much air in the combustion chamber. Your vehicle needs the correct amount of air and fuel in order to run inefficiently. If something such as a vacuum leak throws this balance off, your engine performance will suffer.

High RPMs

The vacuum leak can also increase your RPMs or make them dance up and down. This is because the influx of air coming out of the vacuum hose increases the revolutions per minute temporarily. You will be able to see that your RPMs are too high or sporadic if you take a look at your tachometer needle. It registers the RPMs in the engine and how high or low they are.

Suction Sounds

As we mentioned above, a vacuum leak can produce suction sounds that sound like a vacuum cleaner. Usually, the suction sounds indicate a severe vacuum leak. Your engine may also develop a minor vacuum leak, and, in this case, you will hear hissing sounds instead of the suction noises. Either way, you shouldn’t hear these noises coming from your engine.

Check Engine Warning

Finally, the vacuum leak will cause your check engine light to come on because of all of the reasons discussed above. Your vehicle’s main computer chip, the engine control module, will detect that something is wrong in the engine because of the excess air and sporadic RPMs. It will turn on the check engine light to alert you of the trouble.

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