My Car’s Air Conditioner Isn’t Working! What Do I Do?

It’s a good idea to test your car’s air conditioner now to make sure that it is working. Even if it is, it’s an even better idea to let us here at Kirk’s Auto Care take a look at it to make sure it will keep you cool inside your car, truck, utility vehicle, or van all summer long. Many things can go wrong with your vehicle’s air conditioner that will render it useless when the weather is hot outside. Let’s talk about common AC problems that we fix all of the time below.

There Could Be a Refrigerant Problem

Usually, an air conditioner will not work if there is a problem with the refrigerant. The issue could be that the refrigerant is too low and, as a consequence, you’ll end up with warm or hot air blowing through your vents. The refrigerant might be too low because it has evaporated over the years or because you have a refrigerant leak at the hose connections.

You Might Have a Dead Condenser

Another issue that will cause your air conditioner not to work is a dead condenser. The condenser is located in the front of your vehicle’s engine and, as such, it is subject to a lot of damage from road debris. This road debris cannot only clog the condenser and prevent it from doing its job, but it can also dent or crack it. This, too, will prevent it from doing its job.

The Compressor Could Be the Problem

The compressor might also be the problem if you have hot air blowing through your vents. The compressor needs to be run for a minimum of 15 minutes every month to make sure that it works properly. Nobody runs their car’s air conditioner during the cold Michigan winters, so it’s possible that your compressor has gone bad over the winter and this is why your car’s AC is not working.

The Fans Might Not Be Working

If you don’t hear any fans or feel any air blowing through the vents, the fans could be the problem. Things that can cause the fans to malfunction are electrical problems or excess dirt caked onto the fans. As part of our air conditioning inspection, we will test the fans to make sure that they are working.

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