Make Your Car Look New With These Car Washing Tips

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Your car is a reflection of you, and it’s important that you keep it looking its best. Many divers prefer to wash their own cars by hand since it gives them a feeling of control and accomplishment. Before you break out the bucket and sponge, check out these helpful car washing tips so your vehicle will look like new.

Products to Wash Your Car

When you wash your car, avoid using items like household cleaning products. Hand soap, dishwashing detergent, and glass cleaner should never be used on automotive paint as they can strip the wax. Use a product that is specially made for cars. These formulas are usually mild and created for use on automotive paint. Once you have some suds, use a large sponge or a lamb’s wool mitt. You should use a separate sponge to clean your wheels and tires. Since this area comes in contact with dirt, sand, and brake dust, it could harm your paint finish if you use the same sponge.

Car Washing Tips for Great Results

Allow your car to cool down before you wash it. Never wash it when it’s hot, such as right after you’ve driven it and pull into the driveway. The heat will make it much more difficult to wash the car, and it will likely form unsightly spots and other deposits. When you use a sponge, do not move it in a circular motion. This can create ugly swirl marks, so move the sponge lengthwise across the body of your car instead. Rinse your car off thoroughly with water before you start washing. This will remove excess dirt that could cause your paint to become scratched. Make sure you get plenty of lather and rinse your sponge often with clean water.

Drying Your Car

After you’re done washing the car, use a soft chamois cloth or a soft terry towel. Blot the water instead of dragging it across the paint. A squeegee can help speed up the process but just make sure the rubber bends easily or it can also cause a scratch. Don’t let your car air dry, and don’t drive it around to dry it off faster. This is a sure way to get unattractive watermarks that are caused by buildup in hard water. With a few simple procedures, your car will look beautiful, shiny, and new again in no time.

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