Keeping Your Engine Cool When it’s Cold Outside

It’s hard to believe it’s already autumn. Winter is just around the corner. You’ve got enough stress to deal with the rest of the year – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas – you don’t need to be without your car. Keeping your cool when it’s cold outside goes beyond controlling road rage or succumbing to seasonal stress. It also means you can relax when you drive your car because Kirk’s Auto Care got your automobile ready for the winter roads now. It’s safe, reliable, and less likely to cause an accident. Prevent engine overheating this winter with these basic steps.

Factory-Scheduled Maintenance in the Fall

Autumn is the perfect time to have any overdue factory-scheduled maintenance services done. Waiting until the outdoor temperatures get even colder could damage your automobile. Winter weather stresses out your car as much as it stresses you out. Check your owner’s manual for overdue preventative maintenance and protect your car in the winter by having the services done now. Remember, this scheduled maintenance is designed to replace worn parts before they cause trouble.

Autumn Maintenance Specific to Winter

Even if some services aren’t due, fall is a good time to prep your car for winter just as you prep your home. Cold weather affects your vehicle’s reliability and safety, so you want to ensure it is in tiptop shape and prepared to operate normally even if the mercury drops into the teens. Consider replacing

  • The battery if it’s over three years old or showing signs of wear such as corrosion or cracks
  • Any belts or hoses that show signs of wear and are at risk of breaking or cracking
  • Automotive fluids, especially the antifreeze, motor oil, and windshield washer fluid
  • The windshield wiper blades if the rubber is frayed or showing other signs of wear
  • Front tires with tread depth below 4/32-of-an-inch and rear tires below 2/32-of-an-inch

It’s also a good idea to make sure your heater is working, the defrosters are ready to do their job, and that any automotive concerns or repairs you’ve put off are addressed. Breaking down in winter weather is not only frustrating and sure to blow your top; it’s also dangerous, especially at night.

Prevent Engine Overheating with Kirk’s Auto Care

With two locations in Michigan, you can count on Kirk’s Auto Care to prepare your automobile for safe and reliable winter driving. Call our Livonia auto service shop or our Farmington Hills auto service shop to schedule an appointment for a fall automobile inspection and service. We’ll help you keep your cool when it’s cold outside.

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Photo by Redtea from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro