Important Services for the Tires on Your Automobile

When it comes to taking care of your automobile, don’t forget about the tires. These are the auto parts that make contact with the road and, consequently, can make driving dangerous if you don’t take care of them. Kirk’s Auto Care can help you maintain your tires and wheels so that it’s always easy to control your automobile. Here are some important services for the tires on your automobile.

Air Check and Inspection

You can check the air in each tire yourself, but we recommend you purchase a tire gauge from an auto parts store rather than rely on the gauge at the service station. Sometimes, those gauges are not accurate. Check your tires’ air pressure every couple of weeks to make sure you don’t need to add air to the tires. If you do, add enough air to reach the recommended PSI. Never overinflate your tires.

Inspect your tires every couple of weeks, as well. Look for things such as nails or screws in the tire tread, uneven tire tread wear, and problems on the sides of the tires such as bubbling or cracking. If you notice any of these things, come to our shop right away so we can repair the tire or replace it.

Tire Rotation

Even tire tread wear is important because it extends the life of the tires. As such, rotating the tires regularly is also important because it helps keep the tread wear even. It’s easy to remember this service if you have it done at every other oil change. 

Wheel Balance

Another thing that will help extend the life of your vehicle’s tires is to have the wheels balanced when you have the tires rotated. If your wheels are not balanced, your tires will vibrate as you pick up speed. You will be able to hear and feel this vibration, and it will become more difficult to control your automobile because the wheel and tire weight is uneven.

Wheel Alignment

Finally, your wheels also need to be aligned so that the tire tread is meeting the road evenly. Thankfully, this service generally only needs to be done every two years. If you knock the wheels out of alignment by going over a bump or pothole too fast, you may need to have the wheels realigned at that point.

As we said above, Kirk’s Auto Care in Livonia, MI, or Farmington Hills, MI, can help. Call the shop closest to you for a tire rotation and inspection.

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Photo by Narvikk from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro