How to Improve Your Driving Safety

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By far the riskiest thing you do every day, driving affects not only yourself but every other person on the roadways. Unfortunately, this commonplace act rarely gets a second thought, so take a moment and read about how you can improve the way you drive and increase your safety behind the wheel. Although you can’t control everything on the roads, it helps to remember that which you can. So before you head out for the next commute, consider the following:

Regular Maintenance

Keeping your vehicle in top shape is the easiest way to meet the first commandment of road safety. Oil changes, tire rotations, and periodic check-ups will help you stay tuned into your vehicle’s limitations and needs. Carefully follow the maintenance guidelines set up by your manufacturer and have professional evaluations of your car’s major components at least once a year (transmission, engine, brakes, etc.). Not to mention, staying ahead of damage will save you time and money on major repairs in the future.

Hazardous Weather

You should always drive cautiously, but slowing down during rain, ice or other dangerous conditions will help you stay out of harm’s way. The number of road accidents increases in bad weather, and you can prevent collision by taking corners slowly and leaving plenty of distance between your car and other drivers. Not only will this help you in braking situations, it will increase the reaction time.

Defensive Driving

Other drivers will make mistakes and so will you, but defensive driving means having a conscientious awareness of what others are doing and preparing for potentially dangerous circumstances. Always examine your driving practices, and work on peaceful driving techniques. Anger and impatience don’t coincide with defensive driving, so do whatever it takes to remain calm in stressful situations.


This goes without saying, but always buckle up. Whether the driver or a passenger, without a seatbelt, even small fender benders can lead to injury. In addition to yourself, make sure all passengers in your vehicle wear their seatbelts.


Mindfulness is a major buzz word when it comes to safety these days, but mindful driving means more than staying aware. It means keeping your brain free of distractions. Alcohol, cell phones, GPS systems, music and food can all distract you from the road ahead. Keep your eyes on the road and your mind on the task at hand. Any task that takes away from driving should be handled before or after the commute. No one can effectively multitask behind the wheel.

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