How Long Do Vehicle Recalls Last?

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Let’s not candy coat this. Vehicle recalls are a pain in the behind! To be fair to vehicle manufacturers, however, nothing is sure in automobile engineering and manufacturing because nothing is sure in machine engineering and manufacturing. Eventually, parts can fail, or in the case of recalls, parts can test okay initially yet become a danger eventually. If you’ve received a recall notice on your automobile, Kirk’s Auto Care offers the following information.

Read Your Notice Thoroughly

Don’t open the notice, glance over it, say a few choice words, and then toss it in a pile of papers so you can forget about it. Rather, read through the notice carefully to determine the extent of the recall, how it affects your vehicle’s safety, and how long you have to get the repairs done for free. You are under a manufacturer’s time constraint, so keep this in the forefront of your mind.

Your recall notice will include

  • The details of your vehicle’s problem
  • The hazards, risks, and related injuries associated with the problem
  • Warning signs of the problem if there are any
  • The manufacturer’s solution to the problem
  • The time duration to bring your vehicle into the dealer to fix it
  • Any additional instructions associated with the recall

Once you have a clear understanding of vehicle recalls, you can call your dealer and set up an appointment to bring your vehicle in for the necessary repairs. Don’t just drive into the dealer and insist on being seen. Remember, you are one of numerous drivers who received the same recall notice, so the dealer is going to be quite busy.

How Long Do You Have?

For all recalls other than tires, manufacturers are required by law to fix recall issues for free for up to 10 years from the date of vehicle purchase. This being said, the danger behind the recall often dictates how long you should wait before you get the vehicle repaired. For example, if your recall is about tires, you must have the work done within 60 days from the notice date. If you fail to do so within that time, the manufacturer doesn’t have to fix it for free.

Kirk’s Auto Care cannot help you with manufacturer recalls, but we can repair any other issues your vehicle might have. We can also maintain your vehicle per the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure you get as much life out of it as you can. We’re located in Livonia, MI, so call us today at 734-402-8722.

Call Kirk's Auto Care at 734-402-8722 for an appointment today!

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