Do You Really Need to Get Your Wheels Balanced?

Balancing your wheels sounds like a made-up service that’s designed to just get you back in the shop, right? Wrong. Kirk’s Auto Care advises that it’s much more important than a lot of drivers think, and it can help you to avoid big service bills in the future if you just get your wheels balanced on a regular schedule. Here’s what you need to know about getting your wheels balanced.

Balanced Wheels Help Other Problems Get Diagnosed

It might sound a little odd but balancing your car’s wheels can help you to rule that out as an issue. Then, if you’re still having handling issues, vibrations, or other problems, you can chase those down next. It’s a task that needs to be done every 6,000 miles (when you get your tires rotated), and then you can check it off the list.

You Reduce Uneven Tire Wear

Beyond troubleshooting, balancing the wheels ensures that your car’s tires are more likely to wear down evenly. This is important for several reasons, starting with the fact that uneven tire wear causes vibrations and can be dangerous in slick conditions. When your tires wear more evenly, they also last a lot longer. Which is a big deal, because tires are expensive.

You Head Off Potential Suspension Problems

Your car’s wheels are directly connected to the suspension system. So, that means that anything that affects your car’s wheels and tires directly affects the suspension, too. When you drive around for too long on wheels that are out of balance, that means that the suspension is taking a bigger hit when you are driving. That can cause premature damage that gets expensive to fix down the line.

Your Wheels Don’t Stay Balanced, Either

It’s important to remember that wheels don’t stay balanced, as much as you might want them to. How the tread is wearing on individual tires, the air pressure of the tires, and whether you’ve been hitting potholes and bumps at higher speeds all affect the balance. This is why it’s recommended that you balance the wheels every time you have your tires rotated, which is a good reason not to skip out on rotating your tires, too.

Wheel balancing doesn’t take long, and it can solve so many small issues and prevent much bigger ones. Contact us at Kirk’s Auto Care in Livonia, MI and we can take care of your wheel balancing issues for you. You’ll be back on the road again in no time at all with a smooth and controllable ride.

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Photo by irman from Getty Images via Canva Pro