Common Sprinter Van Problems We Fix All The Time

Your delivery service relies on your fleet of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans. These vans have really taken off in the United States because they are compact, easy to drive, yet store a lot of cargo. Kirk’s Auto Care services and repairs Sprinter vans. We’d be happy to discuss the needs of your fleet with you, and we can assure you that we fix the common Sprinter van problems listed below all the time.

Torque Converter Noise

Many Sprinter vans suffer from a torque converter noise that sounds like the rumble strips you find on the highways. Things that cause the torque converter to make this noise include low transmission fluid or the incorrect type of transmission fluid. If the lock-up clutch wears out, this, too, can make the noise.

Dirty Fuel Injectors

Sprinters are also prone to dirty fuel injectors due to faulty copper seal rings between the injectors and the cylinder heads. These copper seals can allow combustion gases through and these gases coat the fuel injectors with what looks like coal dust. Excessive exhaust odors can be a sign of this problem.

Glow Plug Failure

Glow plugs are found in diesel engines and they are responsible for generating immediate heat when you turn the key in the ignition. Without heat, the diesel engine will not start, and many Sprinter vans suffer from glow plug failure that makes it difficult if not impossible to get them started and running.

Countdown Launch

Sprinter vans have a feature that allows a countdown to start and once it gets to zero, you won’t be able to fire up the van. The numbers in the countdown, i.e., 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, etc., tell you how many engine starts are left. Once you hit zero, that’s it. The engine will not start until the problem is fixed.

Limp Mode Power Loss

Drivers who push their Sprinter vans beyond their limits will put the engines into limp mode and the vans will lose power. Limp mode is a Sprinter van safety feature, and it is activated by reckless driving. When in limp mode, the check engine light on the dashboard will flash on and off constantly.

Oil Leaks

If your fleet of Sprinter vans is year 2007 or newer, you might end up with an oil cooler gasket leak. This is a common problem in Sprinter V6 engines. Oftentimes, this problem accompanies age, so it isn’t seen until the vans reach 100,000 miles or more. Still, oil leaks can be serious no matter what.

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