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Fuel Injection Cleaning

These days, everyone in interested in increased fuel mileage and optimal vehicle performance. If you’re not, you should be! A fuel system cleaning may be crucial to remove varnish, carbon, gum & other deposits in your fuel injectors. These build-ups may reduce the proper flow of fuel to your engine, potentially robbing you of gas mileage & driving performance. At Kirk’s Auto Care, we offer a full service fuel injection cleaning at a great price.

Still not convinced? Below are just a few benefits related to a fuel injection cleaning:

  • Better running engine, resulting in improved engine performance.
  • Better fuel economy.
  • Protection of the combustion chamber, catalytic converters, oxygen sensors and converter monitoring sensors.
  • Smoother and more dependable engine response during quick throttle transitions.
  • Helps to prevent loss of power, rough idle, hard start up and excessive fuel consumption.
  • Reduces exhaust emissions.