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Fluid Services

Today’s vehicles are built to last longer than ever before. But there is still work to be done on your part, like maintaining all of your car’s fluids. See, if the proper fluid levels and conditions are kept, all of the systems will last that much longer. We understand that all of the fluids in your car might be overwhelming or even confusing to keep track of, so stop by and get them checked out today at Kirk’s Auto Care today.

Fluid Maintenance services offered:

Brake Fluid Flush

Did you know that the average motorist who drives 10,000 to 15,000 miles per year will use his brakes about 75,000 times? Needless to say, your brake fluid, like all vehicle fluids, breaks down over time and attracts moisture. The average boiling point of brake fluid can drop to a potentially dangerous level because of this moisture in the fluid. The fluid attracts moisture through microscopic pores in rubber hoses, past seals & exposure to the air.

Got moisture? Not good.

After only a year of service the brake fluid in the average vehicle may contain as much as 2% water. This increases the danger of brake failure because vapor pockets can form if the fluid gets too hot. Vapor displaces the fluid and is compressible, so when the brakes are applied the pedal may go all the way to the floor without applying the brakes. Because brakes generate so much heat, water-free fluid is essential. Water-laden brake fluid also promotes corrosion and pitting in the caliper pistons & bores, wheel cylinders, master cylinders, steel brake lines and the ABS Modules.

Benefits of a Brake Fluid Flush:

  • Keeps the fluid from breaking down.
  • Promotes vehicle safety, peace of mind & affective vehicle maintenance.

Coolant Flush

Your anti-freeze breaks down like any other engine fluid, so refreshing your coolant keeps your vehicle operating at an ideal temperature. Just as motor oil has vital performance additives, your coolant has additives that prevent boiling, freezing & corrosion. When these additives are depleted, contaminants & debris can begin to build up in your radiator & engine affecting its performance. Old coolant can cause overheating. No or low coolant can lead to very expensive repairs, like blown head gaskets, warped cylinder heads & damage to your water pump or radiator. The good news is that it’s a fairly inexpensive procedure and is only done about every 3 years.

Benefits of a Coolant Flush:

  • Keeps your radiator running more efficiently.
  • Prevents ruse and corrosion.
  • Promotes the life of your radiator and heater core.
  • Protects your engine all year long.
  • Boosts vehicle performance and power.
  • Lubricates & protects your water pump.
  • Reduces the chance of sever engine damage.
  • Seals the cooling system and prevents boil over and freeze-ups.

Transmission Fluid Flush/Filter & Fluid Exchange.

People tend to get scared quickly when transmission problems arise. One way to safeguard against this is regular transmission maintenance. Your vehicle requires a transmission fluid exchange to avoid the damaging effects that old fluid can have on your transmission. This fluid contains important additives – which provide the transmission and its gears with proper lubrication, keeps harmful debris out, and ensures the system stays cool. Once the additives deplete, debris is free to float around & wreak havoc. This has the potential to destroy your vehicle’s transmission.

Benefits of a Transmission Fluid Flush/Filter & Fluid Exchange:

  • Prevents your transmission from slipping due to wear & tear.
  • Helps prevent your vehicle from not moving at all.
  • Provides a clean, smooth shifting and replenished transmission system.

Power Steering Fluid Flush

All the parts in a power steering system require lubrication from the fluid. Steering fluid is a petroleum product, with certain additives and will break down & lose effectiveness over time. The system generates a lot of pressure and heat and varnish deposits on the internal components.

Benefits of a Power Steering Fluid Flush:

  • Removes air, rubber particles and metal particles from the system.
  • Prevents hard steering damage during cold starts.
  • Prevents deterioration and potential future leakage, by keeping internal seals soft.
  • Prevents premature wear on vital parts.
  • Prevents varnish and sludge build up & helps to avoid costly repairs.
  • Less noise and decreased steering effort.