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Filter Replacement

Auto filters are designed to prevent harmful debris from entering any parts where air and fluid flows, including your engine, radiator, fuel lines and more. Basically, they protect vital parts by keeping out what should not get getting in. Once a filter is no longer performing its intended function, decreased performance or even engine damage can result. We’ve seen some pretty nasty looking filters come out of vehicles, but that’s another discussion for another day! Perhaps a blog post…

By simply maintaining your various auto filters, you can prevent costly repair expenses, not to mention enhancing performance.Why? Because filters ensure that your vehicle runs more efficiently. The cleaner your filters, the more it allows for the maximum flow of air or fluid throughout the entire vehicle. Sounds good, right?

Below we outline the various filters, what they do, and the benefits for replacing them when needed.


What’s it do?

The Air Filter prevents harmful debris, dirt & contaminants from entering your engine. This filter can prolong engine life, and is inexpensive and quick to fix.

Replacement Benefits:

  • You’ll typically notice a boost in fuel efficiency & overall performance.
  • Prevents debris from entering your engine.
  • Reduces exhaust emissions.
  • Protects the engine and vital engine parts from excessive wear & damage that result in driveability issues and potentially expensive engine repairs.
  • Saves you money!


What’s it do?

You’re probably wondering, “what on earth is a cabin filter?” I’m glad you asked. The Cabin Filter prevents dust, pollen, dirt, some odors and other pollutants from entering your car through you’re A/C & heat vents. Know what else it traps? Stuff like mold spores, smoke, soot & smog! If the filter becomes clogged or dirty, it can reduce proper air flow into your vehicle. If not replaced, the heater & air conditioner cores could eventually be damaged by corrosion.

Replacement Benefits:

  • Prevents outside allergens and dust from entering your ride’s air vents.
  • Regulates air flow into the cabin.
  • Keeps the air that you breathe inside the cabin clean.


What’s it do?

The Fuel Filter keeps dirt, debris & contaminants from clogging your fuel lines and causing erratic, unstable fuel performance and reduced fuel economy. The cleaner the fuel system, the more efficiently our vehicles will operate. Even a slight reduction in fuel flow can affect your vehicle’s overall performance & fuel economy.

Replacement Benefits:

  • You’ll typically notice a boost in fuel efficiency & overall performance.
  • Prevents debris from entering your fuel lines, fuel injectors and engine.
  • Filters out contaminants to keep the fuel flowing smoothly.


What’s it do? The Transmission filter keeps debris & contaminants from floating through your vehicles transmission valves and gears. All of these contaminants effect your vehicle transmission performance.

Replacement Benefits:

  • Protects the moving parts of a transmission by removing harmful metal filings and abrasive particles from the transmission fluid.
  • Keeps the fluid clear and clean so it can cool and lubricate the transmission properly.