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Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Maintenance matters! Your manufacturer has designed a maintenance schedule around the specific make & model of your particular vehicle. Follow this schedule & your vehicle will deliver optimal performance during the life of your car. Regular maintenance is good for the longevity of your car, your peace of mind, and it saves you money from expensive repair bills.

Lapsing maintenance on your vehicle’s vital fluid exchanges, dirty filters, damaged belts & old spark plugs can lead to bigger problems like leaks, damage & failures. Like your body, your car can become “unhealthy” to the point where it simply stops performing.

At Kirk’s Auto Care, we encourage you to keep your vehicle maintenance up-to-date. We offer all of the services necessary to keep your vehicle healthy and you happy. Why? Because we love to hear Milage-Defying Maintenance stories from our customers! We have a few of our own – just ask Kirk about his 1999 Ford Mustang…