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Core Values of Kirk’s Auto Care Staff:

Customer Service

  • We are in the people business not the car fixing business
  • Find a way to “YES”
  • Don’t worry about rules, money or getting in trouble: just “wow” the darn customer!
  • Everybody deserves a lollipop


  • If you know the right thing to do, that’s the thing you ought to do
  • Treat every customer and their car as you would your very own grandmas’


  • Good is not acceptable and greatness is only temporary
  • Average gets you a new job
  • Greatness is not obtained cheaply or easily, it is earned day in and day out
  • Change is the genesis of greatness

Work Ethic

  • Work Your Butt Off
  • Take ownership of the company
  • Don’t ever expect others to do the thing you are not willing to do
  • Check, re-check and then…check again

Personal Development

  • Smart people know just how not smart they are
  • Big egos and greatness are mutually exclusive
  • Good news…without 100% customer satisfaction there is room for improvement

Teamwork & Communication

  • Slow down on the talking…you listen better that way
  • Let the people you care about know you care about them
  • Assumption is the mother of all screw-ups

Having Some Fun

  • Do something that makes you smile everyday
  • Do the things kids do…they seem to have way more fun than adults
  • Great customer reviews are lots of fun