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Quality automotive brake service and repairs should be based on bringing the operation of the brakes back to the condition they were in when they left the factory. Kirk’s Auto Care stocks the leading manufacturers & suppliers of replacement brake systems for everyday use. Remember, cheap pricing usually comes with compromises in quality of parts and workmanship. Here’s what makes for a high quality brake job:

1. It starts with a thorough inspection, including a road test. All brake-related items are inspected, including the brake fluid level, the master cylinder and brake booster, brake lines and hoses, brake pads and shoes, brake rotors and drums are also measured for thickness and inspected for damage. Calipers and wheel cylinders are also inspected.

2. From the inspection an assessment of the brakes is made. We will also discuss the urgency of repairs with you, and offer our professional recommendations.

3. Parts are replaced as needed, using the highest quality parts and service. Preparation of the existing parts is also an imperative step – caliper and pad sliders frequently get corroded and using a wire wheel or sandblaster to remove rust is essential. Hardware and self-adjusters for drum brakes requires disassembly and cleaning. After cleaning, components require lubrication with quality high temperature brake lubricants.

4. Overall benefits include less brake noise, less dust, and your brakes last longer!

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